Changing a turntable belt

Changing a turntable drive belt is actually pretty simple for most belt drive turntables.  The belts often last ten years or more, but then begin to slip, and will eventually fall off.  Some owners assume the turntable has died, and then proceed to dispose of it.  This video illustrates the process. Read more →

How to setup your turntable’s tonearm

Setting the stylus tracking force on a turntable is understandably mysterious to many owners.  Incorrect tracking force can cause problems ranging from poor sound quality, skipping, and potentially significant record damage.  The process is different for some turntables, but the basic process is the same for most. Read more →

How to connect and prepare speaker wire.

A major cause of amplifier (or receiver) failure is shorted speaker wires.  Even a single filament between the red and black terminals can cause severe damage.   In certain cases, the damage is so extreme it cannot be repaired cost effectively.  In many cases, especially with vintage gear, a bare wire connection with a high quality 16 guage wire will do… Read more →

Vintage hifi buying guide

Buying Vintage Stereo Equipment Is every single piece of vintage stereo equipment superior to modern audio?  Is there no high quality stereo equipment made anymore?  Do all tube amps sound better than all transistor amps?  Not exactly.  In fact, the high end audio of today, often outperforms most gear from the past.  Of course, at much greater price.  While there… Read more →