What is my stereo equipment worth?

Almost every vintage piece that we sell must be put through the same restoration process as we do with our customer service gear.  The typical receiver restoration takes at least half a day, involves the removal and replacement of an average of fifty parts.  The average retail cost is $400 to $500.  Larger amplifiers and receivers require more work, and can cost as must as $1000 or more.

Clearly, with this in mind, we cannot afford to pay open market retail.  Not even close.  Sure, we’re in this for the joy of hifi, but we do need to make a profit in order to keep our doors open.  You can check the Bluebook values at usedprice.com.

If you seek the highest price for your gear, we cannot help.  Your best bet is to sell it directly.  If you are willing to accept a modest offering, and the knowledge that your equipment will find a new home with someone that cherishes it is of value to you, contact us to see if your equipment is a good fit.